Pascal Xicluna /

Ebene is a smartphone application that provides the opportunity to farmers to evaluate the welfareof their animals, in a fast and confidential manner. It makes it possible to measure different criteria related to feed, environment, health and the behavior of the animals. Its easy-to-use interface helps farmers immediately visualize the weak points and strong points in their farms to put in place improvement measures.

Julie Leballeur, a chicken farmer in the Sarthe département of France, explains “the application allows us to efficiently measure the impact on our animals of different equipment of animal raising. It is also an indisputable way to validate improvements we have made on the long term.”

The first version of the application is available to download for free and covers the following species: broiler chickens, guinea fowl, quail, turkey, egg laying hens and rabbits.

This tool, which is also being developed for other types of animal farms (waterfowl), was developed by the technical institute (French equivalent of an extension center, also dealing with economic analysis) of poultry, rabbit and aquaculture industries (Itabi), in collaboration with professionals from the industry, interbranch organizations, farmers and ranchers unions, and the support of FranceAgriMer and the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Several French national research institutes also contributed their expertise to the project.