Xavier Remongin / agriculture.gouv.fr

Since June 2019, a new social network allows farmers to connect to one another and to exchange, particularly around their practices: Farmr. How does this new French platform work?

In December 2017, Baptist Létocart founded his business Farmr with his associate Thomas Camboulive. “I am from an agricultural background, my colleague comes from the digital world,” Létocart said. “We met in business school.”

The grandson of a farmer, Baptiste Létocart grew up in the Oise area of France and noticed several issues. “With numerous places to meet like businesses disappearing in rural areas, it is more and more difficult to physically communicate between farmers. And the trend is the same for professional: With farms that are only getting bigger, they are increasingly dispersed from one another.”

“We first carried out market studies to understand the needs of farms and took several parameters into account. Notably on the numbers: More than 80% of farmers are online every day and 30% are on social networks on a daily basis.”

The Farmr social network was then conceived with web developers.

Launched in June of this year, the platform counted nearly 400 accounts within the first week. “When farmers sign up on Farmr, they give several pieces of information: the size of their farm, their types of activities, their location, etc. Once signed up, they can then add all the people that they know and share their knowledge, human resources or materials.”

Thanks to these exchanges, professionals can develop their practices and resolve common problems “Whether it be pests that decimate lands, animal diseases, or other problems, farmers can discuss with other farmers that have already experienced the same problem.”

The cofounders have set themselves the goal of reaching 5,000 users in 2019, which represents 1% of the number of farms in France.