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Since 2015, the organization Solidarity of Agricultural Producers and the Food Businesses (SOLAAL) has encouraged the link between donors and food aid charities. During the Paris International Agricultural Show in February 2019, SOLAAL unveiled its new platform for making food donations easier. Donors may now send a donation at any time or place.

A recognized tool of public interest, the SOLAAL organization links producers, distributers and food aid charities, and handles distributing donated food to charities.

These actions meet four main goals:

  • Strengthen the engagement of actors in the agro-food sector
  • Encourage donation organization
  • Contribute to the development of a balanced diet for food aid recipients
  • Fight against food waste

Behind these goals, the organization and volunteers make an effort to gather primarily fresh products, such as downgraded fruit or unsold produce, to then get them to charities.


What is the role of the platform?
Easily accessible, this platform is an answer to the growing use of digital devices in the agricultural world. Free and accessible on smartphones and computers, the SOLAAL platform, which is designed as an application, will allow to rapidly take stock and advantage of donations. Thanks to this tool, farmers will now more easily be able to donate food.

It also serves as a tool to encourage donations, since it offers an individual history of donations, aiding in the calculation of tax reductions. All donations are also converted into meal equivalents, allowing donors to see the impact of their donations.

Who can donate?
Farmers and ranchers, cooperatives, food industries, wholesalers, store managers… food donations are open to everyone in the industry. SOLAAL gathers edible products, like fruits and vegetable, milk, eggs and cereals.

What food products can be donated?

Only food products that respect food safety regulations may be donated. In particular, they must obviously still be consumable upon arrival to the food aid recipient.

Who benefits from the donations?

When an actor make the choice to donate a part of their products, it is then gathered by SOLAAL and its local partners. The totality of products is then redistributed to approved food aid organizations whose role of community service is recognized by the government.