Thousands of Americans in the Washington, D.C., area were able to participate in an annual celebration of French agriculture at the EU Open House. Every year in the middle of May, the embassies of the member states of the European Union open their doors to the public to celebrate. France and Germany always hold their event together at one of their two embassies, and this year Germany hosted France on its embassy grounds.

More than 7,200 people from the Washington area attended the event, and were able to learn about French wine and cheese by participating in quizzes, learn about geographical indications like Bayonne ham, and – most importantly – taste a variety of French agricultural products.

This year, the agriculture department of the Embassy of France, along with a team of dedicated volunteers, distributed nearly 250 pounds of high-quality French cheese, two entire authentic Bayonne hams from southwestern France, and 120 artisanal French-made baguettes to a constant steady stream of visitors throughout the day. Some of the cheeses visitors were able to sample included Mimolette, Roquefort, Saint Albray, Camembert, Chaumes, Saint André, Madrigal, Brie, and goat cheese. Visitors were also presented with delicious French Bonne Maman jams in assorted flavors and children could try out tasty applesauce pouches from Buddy Fruits.

If you happen to be in the DC area next May, make sure to stop by the Embassy of France to learn about French agriculture and taste some delicious products!