Xavier Remongin / agriculture.gouv.fr

The Agro-food small business accelerator is a personalized support program that aims at assisting small and medium agro-food sized businesses that demonstrate strong growth potential, particularly with working on innovative and international projects: a target of 30 businesses per session is set. A call for interested parties to join this program was launched early this year. The goal is to bring together potential candidates for the 2019/2020 program. It was as part of the Grand Investment Plan and in continuing in the spirit of the Estates-General of Food that the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food and BPIFrance came together to create this startup incubator.

Placed under the collective banner of “La French Fab,” the selected small businesses will participate in a 24-month program to speed up their growth and to meet challenges that await them (moving upmarket, internationalization, securing production chains, diversifying opportunities, etc.).

The first year of the Accelerator, financed in part by the Ministry of Agriculture and operated by BPIFrance, will bring together the 30 volunteer small businesses from the food and agriculture sectors. The companies will take part in the following program:

  • Individual diagnostic aiming to identify growth priorities and aiding the business in developing strategic vision
  • Two in-depth advice modules, individualized for the business, will be proposed based on the results of the diagnostic part mentioned above, in order to come up with a concrete action plan
  • Collective training seminars, provided by French universities, on themes specifically adapted to the industry and to the profile of the businesses making up the group
  • Networking events and providing access to important industry groups