From left to right: 4 per 1000 Initiative Secretary General Paul Luu, California Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross, French Ministry of Agriculture International Sustainable Development Policy Officer Murielle Trouillet, and California Undersecretary of Agriculture Jenny Lester Moffitt

On the sidelines of the Global Climate action Summit organized in San Francisco on September 13 and 14, the State of California, and in particular the California Department of Food and Agriculture, launched with France the Global Soil Health Challenge. On behalf of France, Stéphane Travert, French Minister of Agriculture and Food, signed the Global Soil Health declaration.

The Global Soil Health Challenge calls notably for national and local governments to move into action, through the development of programs and policies favorable for soils, particularly as part of their pledges (Nationally Determined Contributions) in implementing the Paris climate agreement, and report back on their progress at the 2019 UN Climate Summit in New York. France and California share the goal of preserving fertile, healthy soils and by contributing to the planetary issues of the climate and biodiversity.

France thus has reaffirmed its dedication to making agriculture a solution for the climate, notably by promoting agro-ecological practices that are favorable to soils and through carbon sequestration. It is also in this vein that France launched in 2015 the international 4 per 1000 Initiative during the COP21 climate summit, to promote food security and combat climate change. During the global climate action summit, California also joined this initiative.