The digital and agricultural network Acta (the association of agricultural commodities research institutes) organized in partnership with several other organizations the event HackTaFerme (“Hack your farm”), the first edition of the event “Hackathon on the farm” which took place from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 in and around the French town of Chalons-en-Champagne.

Several teams of coders associated with industry professionals were welcomed on four farms and had 48 hours to create an adaptive and convincing prototype meeting the needs of farmers and covering the industries of field crops, livestock, and specialized crops (viticulture, fruit and vegetables). The teams were guided by a farmer and coached by expert mentors from the agricultural, agro-industry and information technology fields.

HackTaFerme is the fusion of two different worlds:

  • A hackathon: a 48 hour marathon to come up with an idea and to develop a perfect prototype
  • A farm: The ideal playground to test a prototype

The participants included:

  • Coders: the ones who will come up with the projects, novice or expert, they were able to demonstrate their skills in the projects
  • Agricultural professionals: Those who know how to meet needs
  • Artists: A project is better when it beautiful, after all.
  • Farmers: The hackathon took place on site at farmers’ locations, and served to help solve their real, everyday problems encountered in the field.