Pascal Xicluna /

The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food is organizing its inaugural edition of the event Bioeconomy Trophies. They will reward industry projects that promote bioresources for various uses, which can serve as substitutes for carbon-intensive solutions. The contest will take place from September 17 of this year to March 3, 2019. The deadline for participating is the end of October of this year.

The Bioeconomy Trophies program is part of the Bioeconomy Action Plan that was unveiled in the end of February. This contest will start at the regional level then move to a national contest.

The proposed projects must highlight steps that allow for transforming renewable carbon and for promoting its different uses. Projects must take full advantage of the industry, from start to finish (production, use, processing, formulation and industrialization of bioresources), and consist of a functioning innovation (research and development projects will not be eligible for that program).

The promotion and recognition of industry projects founded on renewable carbon constitute powerful tools for spreading the use of bioeconomic practices. These projects will serve as strong examples of the potential performance of bioeconomy in the economic, environmental and social fields.

This event has several main objectives, including:

  • Promoting industry steps: Bioeconomy bring together the totality of activities linked to production, use and processing of resources.
  • Spread awareness about bioeconomy among the larger public.
  • Show that bioeconomy is a reality of the modern market.