©Olivier Dugornay / Ifremer

In the face of the countless amount of data on the state of the oceans, France’s Research Institute on Use of the Sea (IFREMER), has established a new super calculator, called Datarmor. Featuring data processing and storage abilities ten-times more powerful than previous processors, Datarmor aims to accelerate and refine marine research in the field of oceanic and fish stock prediction.

From oceanographic vessels and submersibles, automated observatories on buoys, berths, flotation devices, satellites, to networks of scientific and volunteer observers, the heterogeneous sources of data for IFREMER are precious, whether it be for studying changes to marine algae, fish species or predicting currents, winds, or sea swells. They are all brought together, stored analyzed, and shared in the Datarmor super calculator of IFREMER.

With the power of 426 teraflops, the equivalent of 5,000 basic computers brought together at once, Datarmor is one of the 500 most powerful super calculators on the planet. And the only one 100% devoted to studying fisheries and the sea. The enhanced abilities of the Datarmor computer will help meet the Big Data challenge associated with an increase in volume and heterogeneousness of data sources.

The supercomputer is used for oceanographic research, as well as research on fish stocks and other uses of oceanic resources. For example, data gathered by the computer can be analyzed to better track the amount of biomass of various species of fish harvested, more precisely target the best times to harvest species, or track the changes in ocean currents.