© Pascal Xicluna / Min.Agri.Fr

French Minister of Agriculture and Food Stéphane Travert recently congratulated the “methanization” working group that is aiming to accelerate the installation of methanization projects and to fully professionalize the industry.

In the area of agricultural methanization, for which Stéphane Travert has dedicated 100 million euros of the agricultural component of France’s Large Investment Plan, the minister has expressed his appreciation of the measures presented that contribute to release the brakes on development of methanization in agriculture. This also plays a role in the Bioeconomy Action Plan released by the ministry last year.

  • Launching calls for proposals for methanization projects with atypical injection. This will encourage the development of producers of biogas in rural areas.
  • Simplifying the rule of price support for gas production. The Ministry will encourage the development of medium-sized agricultural methanization companies
  • Simplifying regulations to allow shortening of administrative delays for installing small-sized methanization units.