The French Directorate General for Food (Direction générale de l’alimentation – DGAL) has just released its activity report for the year 2017. The DGAL is responsible for maintaining food safety and quality at all levels of the food chain in France, as well as the animal and plant health, and animal welfare, in coordination with government agencies, and departments at the local level. It develops the legal framework corresponding to its missions and ensures their implementation across France.

The year 2017 was marked by numerous ambitious new projects of the Government, the first of which was the organization of the Estates General of Food, a major series of summits and meetings that took place throughout the year to come up with solutions to issues in the French food and agriculture industry. The DGAL was very much present throughout this summit and participated in several working groups of importance for the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The DGAL will now be putting into place the action plan that came out of these meetings. The first step is to contribute to the writing text for a bill that is coming out of this hard work (the bill is now being debated on the floor of the French Parliament), which concerns the balance of commercial relations and healthy and sustainable food (food waste, institutional catering, staff policing powers, etc.)

Another important subject is “Public Action 2022,” launched by the French Prime Minister in October of last year, that has several different areas of importance: Improving the quality of public service, modernizing the work environment, and control of public expenditure. Among the points for vigilance, ensuring secure sanitary controls is a priority. This entails maintenance of the headcount over the short term and an increase in the medium and long terms, as well as an expanded budget.