©Xavier Remongin/Min.agri.fr – Open Air Poultry Breeding

On April 25, members of the egg industry in France officially launched the logo “Eggs of France.” This label will guarantee the French origin of eggs and their quality. Implementation in stores is scheduled to start in September of this year.

After “Meat of France,” “Fruits and Vegetables of France,” “Flowers of France,” and “Potatoes of France,” this is the fifth private label that highlights the origin and quality of French products, a true sign of confidence between agricultural industries and consumers. This collective action, initiated by the National Egg Promotion Committee, and carried out by the Association of Agricultural Products of France, guarantees the French origin of eggs, from chickens to eggs and from eggs to chickens.

This represents the fulfillment of one of the 14 goals of the industry’s five-year plan presented by the egg industry, which is based around four main goals:

  • Meet the expectations of consumers and society, while maintaining food sovereignty and competitiveness of France
  • Strengthen relations throughout the industry, from the farm to the consumer
  • Develop research projects and innovations that are in service of the egg industry
  • Improve knowledge on production and consumption of eggs and egg products.

The “Eggs of France” label assures the consumer that the egg was laid on French territory by hens born and raised in France (and processed and packaged in France in the case of egg-based products). It guarantees the commitment of the entire industry: Hatcheries, chicken raisers, and egg packing and processing centers.