On May 12, the Embassy of France in the United States once again opened its doors to the public and, as always, French agriculture and food took center stage. The Agriculture Department, with the generous help of volunteers, spoke with visitors about French agriculture and, of course, shared a generous amount of fine French cheese, ham, and baguettes – nearly 250 pounds of cheese was distributed this year alone.

The more than 7,000 visitors who attended this annual event were also able to take quizzes on French wine and cheese and learn about geographic indications through posters and displays as well as through speaking to members of the Agriculture Department. Visitors were able to taste an array of French cheeses, showcasing the culinary know-how of French cuisine, including Comté, Mimolette, Roquefort, Saint Albray, and many others. Additionally, three entire Bayonne hams were also available for visitors to taste, as well as more than a hundred traditional French baguettes.

Every year, the embassies of European Union member states open their doors to the public in the Washington, D.C., area. In a demonstration of French and German friendship, the French and German embassies always host their event together. This year, the French welcomed the Germans into their embassy. If you happen to be in the D.C. area next mid-May, make sure to stop by.