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French Minister for Agriculture and Food Stéphane Travert reaffirmed the government’s objective regarding the development of agricultural farming in France.

Organic Ambition 2022 (Ambition Bio 2022 in French), the new government program, will support this changing of scale in organic production for the period of 2018-2022, by promoting a national strategy and giving visibility to economic actors and consumers.

The government’s ambition is to develop innovative and effective production and transformation strategies in the organic food chain that are able to meet the strong demand of consumers and societal expectations in the environment and animal welfare.

The Organic Ambition 2022 program has given itself two goals: reach 15% of agricultural surface producing organic products by 2022 and 20% organic products in institutional catering (which includes cafeteria in administrations, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.).

To do this, three financial tools are being mobilized:

  • Increasing the funds dedicated to helping farmers and ranchers to convert to organic farming, with 1.1 billion for the period 2018-2022 (compared to 0.7 billion euros fort the previous period), of which 830 million euros will come from European Union and French Budgets (other public sources of funds will complete the envelope)
  • Doubling “organic future” funds, led by the Organic Agency (Agence Bio), which will be progressively increased from 4 to 8 million euros per year.
  • Extending the organic tax credit, which will be also increased from 2,500 to 3,500 euros,.

Coordination for the new program will be launched soon. The work will be focused around axes identified by all actors from the previous program, complemented by a specific part dedicated to overseas territories:

  • Developing production
  • Structuring the food chain
  • Developing consumption
  • Strengthening research and disseminating the results
  • Training actors in the agriculture and food industries
  • Adapting regulations.