The French Ministry for Agriculture and Food, along with the ministries for Economy, for Research and innovation and for Environment, has announced eight calls for project proposals on the theme of ecological and energy transition. This issue is at the heart of transforming economic sectors and allows for new market opportunities for businesses. This falls in line with the goal of increasing growth potential of the French economy by supporting businesses and economic activity on French territory, and contributes to the success of the energy and ecological transition of society.

The eight new calls for projects will provide financial support in 2018 and 2019 of 300 million euros for research and development projects of excellence on the subjects of the future. “These different project represent a real opportunity for agricultural and food sectors, and also those of the forest and bioeconomy, as well as aquaculture and fisheries. They constitute a strong tool to stimulate innovation in businesses and industry,” said Stéphane Travert, French Minister for Agriculture.

The eights calls for projects include efforts to increase the use of renewable energy, using bio-based materials and biofuels, reducing food waste, and others. Many have direct links to French agriculture, including a call for projects to encourage eco-efficiency in agriculture and food. The goal is to use innovative solutions to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment. Another project calls for supporting the use of biomass in France, an abundant natural and renewable resource.