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Saint Félicien cheese is a smooth, creamy and slightly salty and nutty cheese produced in the village of Saint Félicien in southeastern France near the city of Grenoble. Originally, the cheese was produced with raw goat milk, but some varieties can today made with pasteurized or raw cow milk. It is exclusively produced in the areas of Rhône and the Isère.

This cheese has a natural, ivory or yellow crust which is soft and slightly creased. It is ripened a minimum of 10 days, and its taste is soft, sweet, fresh and milky and has a high fat content. Its method of production, using a soft curd, gives Saint Félicien a subtle flavor, ideal for starting a cheese tasting in order to better appreciate all of the cheeses presented. The longer the cheese is aged (which can last up to 28 days), the more the crust and cheese will melt in your mouth.

Saint Félicien goes excellently with red wines from its region of origin like a Côtes du Rhône or a Beaujolais. Their subtle and fruity tastes go perfectly with the sweet taste of Saint Félicien.