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Put on line Jan. 19, the service platform La Forêt Bouge (The Forest Moves) is addressed to owners of private forests in France. A concrete action coming from the National Program of Forests and Wood, this website’s goal is to help owners locate, get to know better, and maintain their forested lands in order to better manage them.

Led by the National Center of Forest Property, and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, La Forêt Bouge assists private forest owners with the management of their properties when they leave them “dormant,” most often by lack of understanding about the sector. More generally, the site is aimed at the forest-wood industry, which is led to participate in the development of its territories.

La Forêt Bouge proposes a certain number of features which will guide private owners to learn how to:

  • Better identify their properties with cartographic tools
  • Get to know their properties better with a description of the types of wood, environmental issues, and information on regulations and assets
  • Maintain their property with the use of agro-forestry techniques, access to professional contacts, and the creation of a personal account to monitor management.

La Forêt Bouge’s goal is to encourage contact and to create links between actors in private, economic and institutional domains of the forestry world. It allows them to simplify procedures, the management of forests and the use of sustainable agro-forestry techniques for owners and professionals. In this way, La Forêt Bouge is intended to bring together all of the relevant tools which already exist in one single space, and to make it accessible to everyone in France.