From mid-October until the end of November, the Alimenterre Festival is proposing hundreds of events all across France on the theme of “The future is at stake on our plates.”

Organized each year during the same period for the past ten years, the Alimenterre Festival is an international unmissable event linked to issues about the right to food. Coordinated by the French Committee for International Solidarity, it is put in place in 600 locations in France and in 12 different countries by the Alimenterre Network. More than 1,400 events are planned.

While the second round of the Estates-General of Food are launching on the theme of “healthy, safe and sustainable food,” the Alimenterre Festival offers a unique space for citizen debate on the issues of agriculture and food in the world. It aims to:

  • Inform in an objective fashion the public on the different issues that allow or prevent access to healthy and sufficient food sources
  • Call for citizens to reclaim the question of food
  • Proposes concrete action plans for supporting a more fair, environmentally friendly agricultural model
  • Raises awareness for future agricultural professionals about the impacts of chosen agricultural models
  • Generates participatory debates, open between all types of actors on agricultural and food questions