The interbranch organization which represents and drives the French forestry industry, France Bois Forêt, last month launched a three year communication campaign designed to boost wood consumption in France. This campaign will receive the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Minister Stéphane Travert announced.

With 440,000 jobs spread across close to 60,000 businesses and sales revenue on the order of 60 billion euros, the forest and wood industry is an important tool in the creation of wealth and thus contributes to the vitality and development of territory. It also constitutes one of the pillars of green growth, by offsetting 20% of French CO2 emissions thanks to storing carbon in forest, in wood products and by substituting for fossil fuels that consume more energy.

The principal goal of the communication campaign targets an increase in the consumption of wood products in France by creating a reflex to purchase wood products on the part of different concerned audiences, including in particular: construction sector, local government, property owners, construction project managers, architects, engineering and architecture schools, engineering departments, property developers, and home hardware stores.

The campaign will contribute increasing cohesion between the forest and wood industries, going from the forest all the way to the finished product.

Communication in the forestry and wood industry is a crucial element for making it better known and understood and in explaining forestry management policies and the advantages of using wood.

This campaign aims to accompany the action plan put in place by the National Program of the Forest and Woods announced earlier this year.