From October 20 to 22, the Festival of the Forest and Woods returns for its second edition, on the theme of “Construction and Innovation.” During this event, the domaine of Bourdaisière will launch, in partnership with the National Forest Office, France Bois Forêt and Arbocentre, a call for projects for the construction of a house made 100% out of wood.

From the ground to the ceiling, passing through the furniture, insulating materials or even the rooftop, everything in this house must be composed of wood and its derived products. The house, made up of a ground floor and a second floor, must have more than or equal to 36 m² of space. Another requirement is that the entire construction must be able to be deconstructed, transported and not cost more than 150,000 euros.

The Bercé Forest (Wikimedia Commons)

Builders, self-taught constructors, students, engineers, architects… amateurs and professionals are all welcome to participate in this free competition. The essential of the form a multi-functional team, where the competencies of all will meet and complement one another for the creation of the perfect living space.

A jury of experts will be designated to judge the process of creation, the choice of materials and the techniques chosen for construction. The winner will have the opportunity to construct their house without cost for the third edition of the Festival of the Forest and Woods in October 2018.