Bouzeron wine is a white wine with protected designation of origin status produced by a small number of wine makers in an area around the village of the same name. The very small production area and number of producers makes it one of the “secrets” of Burgundy wines.

Perched atop a hill, Bouzeron benefits from an exceptional terroir and climactic conditions. The vines are exclusively cultivated on favorable hills of the communes of Bouzeron and Chassey-le-Camp and benefit from the best east/southeast exposures. The thin soils, composed of dark limestone situated on hillsides between 270 and 350 meters of altitude, assure a natural mastery of the yields. A hot microclimate each year encourages the maturing of the grapes.

In 1997, Bouzeron gained its noble letters, becoming the only wine region of Burgundy using Aligoté grapes to be recognized for its quality by obtaining protected designation of origin status. Surrounded in Burgundy by an ocean of chardonnay and pinot noir, the Aligoté grape variety has its best success in Bouzeron. On the limestone, sunny slopes of the valley of Bouzeron, the Aligoté of Bouzeron, called “golden Aligoté,” produces a white, dry wine that is tender and fruity, endowed with roundness and finesse that you can find nowhere else in Burgundy.

A clear, scintillating wine, Bouzeron has hints of white flower, hazelnut and citrus. This wine goes well with white fish, scallops, and traditional specialties of Burgundy (escargot, ham sprinkled with parsley, etc).