© Cheick Saidou /French Ministry of Agriculture

During the International Animal Production Show taking place in Rennes this month, the French Ministry of Agriculture launched a new communications campaign destined for livestock farmers and veterinarians. The promotion of reasonable and prudent use of antibiotics in both veterinary and human medicine is a major global public health challenge.

The Ministry of Agriculture has committed itself for several years to the fight against antibiotic resistance in veterinary medicine, with the first Ecoantibio Plan 2012-2016, extended by a second Plan, which covers the period of 2017 to 2021.

The mobilization of all concerned actors, livestock farmers and veterinarians particularly, has allow for a reduction in the use of antibiotics across all fields by 20% in four years (2012-2015). The new campaign, “Antibiotics, appropriately and when needed,” has the goal of maintaining this mobilization and strengthening these positive results.

The campaign takes place as part of Ecoantibio II, launched in April 2017, which emphasizes communication, the exchange of information, and education to sustainably limit the use of antibiotics and to preserve their effectiveness. Much progress is still possible thanks to improving biosecurity and the conditions of livestock husbandry of animals that allow for the prevention of infectious diseases. It is also about promoting effective alternatives to antibiotics like vaccination or herbal medicines, and to make available to veterinarians higher performing diagnostic tools.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food is also proud of the international distinction that France received for the quality of its actions in service of the fight against antibiotic resistance from the World Veterinary Congress in August in South Korea.