Last June, five foreign bloggers and youtubers were invited to Paris to discover French agricultural products, savoir-faire and of course to take advantage of the opportunity to discover modern and original French cuisine thanks to the organization France Bon Appétit, the brand of the French Ministry of Agriculture for French agro-food products overseas. Since November 2008, all operations and promotional actions of French agro-food supply overseas have the logo “France Bon Appétit.” Its objective is to offer strategic and logistical support to French agro-food businesses wishing to export their products outside of the borders of France.

The project which invited foreign bloggers and youtubers to France was born from the desire to break stereotypes surrounding French gastronomy, often perceived as being complicated, elitist or too high in calories. But it is above all based on the desire to allow the world to discover French products from its terroir, geographical indications and the flavors of products, which all animated this happy trip in France.

Take a look at some of the videos they made during their visit: