The selection of project winners for ‘innovative initiatives in agriculture and the food industry’ has been completed. This competition of innovations, organized as part of the investments of the future program of the General Commissariat for Investment (agency under the French Prime Minister’s authority, whose goal is to provide financing for selected innovative projects), allowed for the selection, as part of an inter-ministerial jury, 56 winners out of 187 proposed during the period of 2015-2017. The total amount dedicated to financing these projects is around 10 million euros.

The Program of Investments of the Future, managed by the General Commissariat for Investment, was put in place in 2010 to allow France to increase its competitiveness through supporting investment and innovation in businesses and accelerating the adaptation of different economic sectors, including agriculture, to economic changes and international competition.

The chosen projects cover innovations in all its various domains: new products or ingredients, new technologies or processes, the use of robots, bioproducts, captors, digital tools, decision-making tools… more than two thirds of the projects are also lead by startup companies and small businesses. The projects selected also come from all of the regions of France.

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The SYHA project, for example, aims to develop a robotic arm for harvesting and maintaining tomatoes; the TRIFUDON project aims to develop a new biocontrol solution for wheat diseases (using a natural fungus extract instead of a fungicide to combat the disease); and the T.E.C project hopes to create an innovative system for conserving nut fruits.

A third generation of future investments, coordinated by the French governments and funded with 10 billion euros, will be operational within a couple of weeks. Calls for project proposals centered on the agricultural and agro food industries will be proposed in order to continue the stimulation of innovation in these sectors.