In the framework of the national plan against vineyard deterioration (decreasing yields and premature death of the vine due to multiple factors: pest and disease, environmental stress…), nine research projects were chosen for financing by a partnership between the French government and the wine industry.

These remarkable, high quality scientific projects distinguished themselves from among 26 projects proposed in response to a call for projects in November of last year as part of an agreement between the French Ministry of Agriculture, the National Committee of Interprofessional Associations for Wines of Protected Designation of Origin, and the agency FranceAgriMer.

The financing given to these nine projects amounts to 3.1 million euros, with part of the financing coming from each of the partners in the agreement.

The French Institute of Vines and Wine (IFV) will also add its abilities in the fight against vineyard deterioration in its research and development actions. As part of its annual program financed by the French government, the IFV will set aside 600,000 euros for these actions.

These projects will take place starting in the second half of 2017 and will last over a period of three and a half years. They will cover axes of the plan Research, Innovation, Development of the French Ministry of Agriculture.

Here’s a brief look at some of the nine projects:

  • The Longvi project will focus on the longevity of vineyards, and how to understand its mechanisms in order to improve it over time
  • The TraDeVi project will focus on Determinants, indicators and technical management of vineyard deterioration
  • Vitimage project: Dynamic monitoring of wood colonization by pathogens responsible for wood diseases: using non-destructive imaging tools
  • Eureka Project: Developing the means to cure and prevent wood diseases

The next call for proposals will take place in the fall of this year. The selected projects will allow for the enrichment of research against vineyard deterioration. This ambitious research and development program will be implemented thanks to a strong engagement from the French government and the wine industry.