Key French agricultural agencies recently announced the creation of a national Economic Observatory of Official Desginations of Quality and Origin (Label Rouge, protected designation of origin, protected geographic indication, organic farming, etc.). The development of products protected by quality denominations is an important base for encouraging an agricultural production that creates value, is less sensitive to global markets disruptions and for allowing wide access to all in a sustainable way to high quality, safe and diversified food sources.

Implementing this economic observatory is an answer to these expectations since it will provide the necessary elements for an economic evaluation of the different quality and origin denominations. The observatory will be a place to exchange mutual information that can respond to the following questions was required:

  • What is the added value created by quality and origin designations?
  • Does the recognition of products under quality and origin designations lead to a real differentiation of the concerned products within the market segment?
  • What are the positive benefits produced by the quality and origin designations (values not directly carried by the product with the quality and origin designation – positive externalities)?

The complete inventory of available data and their sources, which vary across different industries, will constitute one of the first missions of the observatory.
A logic of complementarity has been encouraged. In this way, the mode of operation is based on sharing available elements with each partner organization, with a collegial committee in which analytical projects and studies will be present, according to the needs as expressed by the partners in the network.

Depending on the subjects, the analyses conducted will be developed in common or by each of the partners in their own publications or works.