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Following the launch of France’s National Strategy of Bioeconomy in January, the French Ministry of Agriculture has released a draft Bioeconomy Action Plan for public comments. This plan is based on themed workshops that took place during the previous two years and proposes several avenues of work for the years to come, structured around the six axes of the National Strategy of Bioeconomy.

Bioeconomy lays out important changes for society: the transition from fossil products towards bio-sourced products, transforming the economic systems that provide these products, and modifying resource management schemes.

The development of bioeconomy thus leads to transitions of all societal actors: economic, scientific, consumers, citizens, public authorities, etc. A coordinated action plan is thus necessary to accompany and stimulate these changes.

In order to ease the market penetration of bio-sourced products on the market, it will be necessary to improve their visibility and to make their advantages known to the public. The purchasing power of the government is a major lever of action to be taken advantage of. Several specific actions are recommended in this domain, including implementing a label indicating bio-sourced products and promoting databases identifying these products, and leading communication campaigns to increase awareness of them.

A sustainable bioeconomy requires an improvement in our knowledge of resources and their uses and sharing this knowledge with the largest number possible, to sustainably produce and leverage these bio-resources to feed the development of the bioeconomy, and to research the best links possible between different uses in order to optimize them to our needs. In order to accomplish this goal, the plan proposes to conduct a study on the prospective development of a sustainable bioeconomy to evaluate its possible contribution to the ecological transition.

The final draft of the plan, taking into account all the comments received, is due in mid-September.