"Snow white should have munched on an ugly apple"

“Snow white should have munched on an ugly apple”

Fighting food waste, which is a significant environmental concern, is a top priority for France. The French Ministry of Agriculture just announced that it would be enlisting an unlikely tool in helping to educate the general public in combatting it: Fables and fairy tales. A new nationwide ad campaign employing fairy tale heroes will be officially unveiled for France’s national day against food waste Oct. 16.

Adding twists to fairy tale classics like Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and classic French fables like the Crow and the Fox, the ad campaign, called “Fables of fighting food waste” aims to raise awareness around this important issue. Cinderella’s famous pumpkin? No need to throw it out, an ad campaign’s poster says – why not use it to make a nice pumpkin soup? Snow White’s poisoned apple? She should have crunched into an uglier – but equally tasty – apple.

"At midnight, Cinderella's pumpkin would make a nice broth."

“At midnight, Cinderella’s pumpkin would make a nice broth.”

“The Crow and the Fox, Cinderella … these tales remind us of how much our cultural and food heritage are precious and that we shouldn’t throw out the good products from our agriculture system,” the Ministry said.

The ad campaign will be accompanied by a series of 10 tips for reducing food waste in daily life, like better planning meals, freezing food before it goes bad rather than throwing it out, better portioning your meals, and asking for doggy bags at restaurants rather than leaving uneaten food on your plate.

This ad campaign is part of an ambitious nationwide goal to reduce food waste by 50% before 2025. The National Pact against food waste, started in 2013 and continuing today, includes important steps to reduce the impact of food waste in France, notably by trying to eliminate food waste in large-scale food production centers like hospitals, schools and nursing homes and by making it much easier for unused and uneaten food in restaurants, supermarkets and other locations to be donated to charity organizations rather than simply tossed out.