©Xavier Remongin/Min.agri.fr

©Xavier Remongin/Min.agri.fr

France’s agro-ecology project has made big progress in 2015. French Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll recently announced new worksites for 2016, notably the adaptation of environmental standards to agro-ecological modes of productions. Mr. Le Foll also welcomed the concrete advances in France’s agro-ecological project, in particular the creation of the first 250 Economic and Environmental Interest Groups (GIEE), the provision of an agro-ecological diagnostic tool for farms, and the integration of agro-ecology in agricultural education.

Moreover, a recent study showed that 73% of farmers are involved in at least 3 steps relating to agro-ecology which is now well known by among farmers: 79% say that they’re aware of the agro ecological projects against 50% who said the same only a year ago.

In the spirit of pragmatism and partnership, the Minister announced that he would push for the implementation of agro-ecological measures specifically dedicated to soil conservation in agriculture.


The “Night of Agro-Ecology” was launched. The goal of this event, which will take place June 23 all across France, is to increase communication among and between citizens and farmers about agro-ecology. The event aims to spread information and recognitions of the strengths of agro-ecology as a strategy in meeting societal expectations and for improving the climate, health, and animal wellbeing, among others.

Actors on the ground, those who practice agro-ecology in their daily lives, will be put in focus and given the opportunity to present their thoughts on the project. Debates, panels, films, meals, expositions, workshops, speeches – all sorts of activities and subjects are on the table for this evening surrounding France’s agro-ecology project.