France’s innovative 4 per 1000 Initiative will once again be placed in the international spotlight after its official launch at the COP21 Paris climate talks last December. The Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture along with the French Ministry of Agriculture will host this April 28th a major meeting to help determine the future steps of the initiative.

The 4 Per 1000 Initiative meeting, which will take place at the International Agriculture Show in Meknes, Morocco, is intended to set the framework for the international governance structure of the initiative and determine what the next actions should be before the COP22 international climate conference which will take place this November in Morocco.

The high-level meeting will bring the initiative to an operational phase with the goal of giving it a transparent, inclusive and efficient governance process and a road map for the months ahead

In this context, the meeting will particularly target the following objectives:

  • Adopting a convention that institutes the consortium of the 4 per 1000 Initiative, establishing the governance process for the entire initiative and its objectives;
  • Adopt a general road map for the Initiative from May 2016 until the COP 22;
  • Create an exchange on possible contributions and the expectations of different types of members in the framework of the Initiative.

Organic matter in soil, composed primarily of carbon, provides four large services to the ecosystem: providing resistance to soil erosion, water retention, fertility, and biodiversity. Even a small increase in carbon stored in soils has major effects, for both agricultural productivity and for helping in the global greenhouse gas cycle. It is necessary to engage all actors toward a new form of agricultural production based on an adapted management of soil that helps to create jobs and revenue and that carries us forward toward more sustainable development.

In 2050, global agriculture will have to produce a sufficient amount of food for a planet composed of 9.5 billion people in the context of climate change. Faced with this challenge, we must keep our soils alive because agricultural production is strongly correlated with soil health. Increasing carbon stored in soils is one of the major levers to respond to the triple challenge of food security, the adaptation of food systems and populations to disruptions linked to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The 4 per 1000 Initiative aims to tackle these challenges by proposing an annual increase of carbon stored in soil of 0.4%, which scientists have determine would make up for annual human carbon emissions.


To find out more about the project and to get involved in supporting it, check out the following document that presents the project with key facts and figures and provides ways to help:

4 per 1000 Initiative: Soils for food security and climate