Montbeliardes en pâture

The first study of competition in the global cow milk industry shows that France is a worldwide leader in terms of its competitiveness in the sector. The study, based on 2013 data and conducted by Business France, surveyed the cow milk industry in ten different countries and found France to be in the number one spot, followed by New Zealand and Germany.

The study assigned points to each country for a series of 42 indicators grouped around seven large categories: macroeconomics (economic growth, monetary parity, logistical performance, etc.), control of natural factors and durability of resources, production potential, industry organization (coordination between farmers and industries, concentration of actors), technical mastery of production, market portfolio, and ability of operators to take over markets.

Countries could receive up to 1000 points in each category based on their performance. The final score for each country is the average score for all seven areas. France came out on top, with 645 points.

Graphic Cow Milk Production

According to the study’s findings, France’s excellent score was helped in particular by strong performance in the categories of resource durability, technical mastery and the ability to take over markets.

The scoring was based on data from 2013 and will be conducted every year from now on. This will allow for stakeholders, government officials and industry leaders to regularly analyze and compare date from different years and in different countries to evaluate the effects of policy and industry changes and developments.

France’s dairy industry is certainly known around the world for its high quality products, so it’s not a huge surprise that it would come out on top in the global market for these goods.

So, why not celebrate France’s excellent global position by enjoying one of its famous dairy products soon?