French people have always had a special relationship with their food which has deeply marked the history, culture and lifestyle of France. It is in part for this reason that the country’s National Program for Food was created in 2010 as part of the government’s reform of its agricultural and fishing policies. The program was created to continue France’s largely successful history of food and nutrition policy. In the framework of that program an annual grant has been created that rewards the best French ideas in food and nutrition actions with the resources needed to bring the projects into reality.

After the success of the grant project last year and the quality of the project proposals, French Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll said he wanted to continue the annual grant program into this year. On September 1st the French Agriculture Ministry launched the 2015 call for projects with a potential grant of up to 600,000 euros.

The projects must adhere to the National Program for Food’s four stated goals. Those are:

    1. Social justice
    2. Educating youth about food
    3. Working against food waste
    4. Placing value on food’s cultural and territorial heritage
©Xavier Remongin/

©Xavier Remongin/

The 2015 call for projects will be focused particularly on the theme of local, smaller-scale goals that deal with territorial food heritage and local production.

As an idea of previously successful projects, the 2014 grants were awarded to 19 projects exemplifying the values of the National Program for Food, including improving food quality in a prison in Marseille (South of France), installing gardens in schools, the creation of a project to collect surplus fruit and vegetables to reduce food waste and the creation of a territorial food project in the Centre region of France.

Applications are being accepted now and are due Nov. 15. The winning projects will be announced at the International Agricultural Salon in Paris in February and March next year.

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