“Plaisir à la cantine” – or, roughly, “Have fun at the cafeteria”- is a comprehensive support program designated to make school mealtime pleasant in every way. The program seeks to reinvent the cafeteria by capitalizing on food supply and making meals appealing while ensuring respect for the laws regarding the quality of meals. This video focuses on the training for all those involved in the preparation of school lunches, which is the first of the three essential components of “Have fun at the cafeteria.” In this first component, head chefs and administrators from the participating schools convene to learn, share and reassess methods to improve the food and overall environment in the cafeteria in a fun and affordable manner.

To learn more about the origin of “Have fun at the cafeteria” and other food education programs, take a look at the following article on the French National Program for Food:
The National Program for Food: A Government Action – Eating Well is Everyone’s Business