The first semester of this year has been a good time for French wine exporters. Compared to the six first months of 2014, the exports of wines, spirits, and other beverages to the world have grown by + 9.1%! All types of wine and spirit take part in this dynamism, with an annual growth rate (in value) of 3% for the wines and 2% for the spirits.

The United-States is the main client of French wines and spirits, and has bought for more than $690 million of wines, beers and spirits during this first semester 2015. The exports of wines and spirits from France to the US have increased these last months by 2.7% compared to the last year and by 11.5% compared to 2013. This growth can be partially explained by a favorable exchange rate between the US dollars and the euro, which has been boosting the French exports to the United-States. The exports of spirits in particular have increased during these last months by 12.2%, compared to last year. The cognac and rum have known a great success, with their exportations soaring by 21% for the cognac and 45% for the rum!

grph wine 1

If we take a glance further backward, it appears that during the last five years, the exports of French wines, beers and spirits have steadily increased. Compared to 2009, the wines and spirits exports of 2014 have grown by 54.3 %!

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