American gastronomes and connoisseurs of charcuterie no longer have to travel to France to delight in the world-famous Jambon de Bayonne (PGI), known in English as the Bayonne Ham. The maiden shipment of Delpeyrat’s artisan French hams arrived to the United States on the first of July. “It’s the first time we are selling the Jambon de Bayonne in the United States” declared Dominique Duprat, Vice President of the French maison Delpeyrat, at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City this July. Although France received official approval for exportation in July of 2014, it took Delpeyrat nearly a full year to produce the inaugural consignment of hams destined for the American market, in keeping with their strict standards of production assured by the European PGI label (Protected Geographic Indication).


The US market for cured ham is one of the most important in the world; Mr. Duprat from Delpeyrat reported that Delpeyrat aims to export an annual 250 tons of their ham within three years’ time.

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