France’s international trade balance for agricultural and agrifood products reached 1,039 million euros in March 2015, demonstrating the French agriculture’s strength in producing high quality products that are appreciated on the world market both within and outside the Europe.

International demand for French agricultural goods, from grains to processed foods, has increased from March of 2014, as illustrated by the chart below.

Growth of French Agricultural Exportations Graphic

France has many different partners from various regions around the globe, many of whom have a preference for particular French goods. America, for example, is the number one importer of French wine and spirits.

The following chart illustrates France’s main clients for different agricultural productions:

Home made chart

In 2014 France exported more than ever before to the United States

Since 2010, French agricultural exports to the US have grown by +8% a year!
Over the past few years, US consumers have become keener on healthier and authentic food and beverages. Moreover, they tend to pay more attention to the origin and quality of products. These rising American trends fuel a demand that overlaps nicely with the high-quality French agricultural supply and are thus quite promising for the future of French exports to the United States.

France’s agricultural exports to Canada and the United States, a key international market, increased by 12% from March 2014 to March 2015.

Wine, Spirits and Cheese: the Winning Products in terms of Exports to the US!

Share of French Exports to the US Graph

Alcoholic beverages (wines and spirits mostly) account for 74% of French exports to the United States while cheeses and other dairy products represent 5.5% of our exports to the US.

Overall for wine and cheese, France ranks second after Italy in terms of sales from exports of wines and cheeses to the United States.