Franche-Comté is a traditional province of eastern France. The principal cities are the capital Besançon, Belfort, and Montbéliard. This region borders Switzerland and shares much of its architecture, cuisine, and culture with its neighbor.
Between the Vosges range of mountains to the north and the Jura (Gaulish word meaning ’forest’) range to the south, the landscape consists of rolling cultivated fields, dense pine forest and ramparts like mountains.

Comté Cheese (PDO)

The Comté, a word meaning ‘county’ in French, is made with unpasteurized cow’s milk that must be produced in Jura (Mountains in the East of France). The Comté is the first French cheese to have been given the seal of quality: AOC in 1958.


Morbier (PDO)

The morbier cheese is a cheese made from cow’s milk which the production’s zone extends through the highlands of the Jura region.
It is recognizable among all cheeses by its black central horizontal line circling its edge.


Arbois Wine (PDO): A Traditional Wine from Jura

The Vin d’Arbois is a traditional wine from Jura, it can be white, red or rosé but what makes it unique is that it can also be a “vin jaune” (a yellow wine) or a “vin de paille” (a straw wine), both of which employ two additional very particular methods of production.

Arbois bottle