Pays de la Loire is one of the regions created in the late 20th century to serve as a zone of influence for its capital, Nantes, one of a handful so-called “balancing metropolises.”


Salt of Guérande (PGI): A Long Tradition of Exceptional Salt

Every year, from June until September, the harvest of Guérande salt takes place in southern Brittany. Unlike the harvest in the Mediterranean salt marshes, the harvest on this peninsula along France’s Atlantic coastline has remained almost completely manual. Indeed, the technique used to gather and produce the unique Guérande salt is several centuries old.


Muscadet Wine (PDO)

Muscadet wine appeared during the 17th century, in the traditionnal wine region of the Loire Valley. It’s name has been protected since 1937. This wine is exclusively produced around Nantes, with grapes from the “Burgundy melon” vine. It can be aged “sur lie”, which gives this wine a characteristic slightly bibbling texture or “pearly” texture. The Muscadet wine region contains several subdivisions, each one with their specificities.


Brioche Vendéenne (PGI)

The Brioche Vendéenne is the most iconic variations of brioche. In fact, in 2004 it became the first baked good to obtain a Protected Geographic Indication (PGI). Learn what makes it so special.