Upper Normandy was created in 1984 from two départements: Seine-Maritime and Eure, when Normandy was divided into Lower Normandy and Upper Normandy.
Rouen is the regional capital, historically important with many fine churches and buildings, including the tallest cathedral tower in France. The region’s largest city, in terms of metropolitan population, is Le Havre.
Its economy is centered around agriculture, industry, petrochemicals and tourism.

Cider from the Pays d’Auge

Cider from the Pays d’Auge is an apple-based alcoholic drink made in the Normandy région of France, boasting a history that is as rich as its flavor.

Source: IDAC

The Neufchâtel Cheese

The Neufchâtel is a soft-ripened cheese made from cow’s milk in the area of Normandy called “Pays de Bray”

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