The food quality observatory

The French Food Quality Observatory’s purpose is to follow the efforts made by agribusiness to sell products with less sodium, fat and sugar. Its objectives: On one hand, it follows the evolution of the nutritional quality of processed food by market segment and on the other hand it strengthens the partnership between public authorities and the food industry to improve public health and to meet consumers’ expectations more effectively.

The French Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Consumption created this Observatory in 2008 as part of the French Second Nutrition Plan (PNNS) for 2006-2010. The National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) and the French Agency of Food Safety (AFSSA) manage this observatory, working in partnership with the food industry. By collecting data on label products and from industries, it should be able to assess yearly results of the agribusiness efforts to meet national nutritional commitments set by the PNNS and to issue a report on these results.

The first task of this observatory is to set a list of processed products existing and to analyze the market structure for each category of products. In 2008, some specific products had been studied: cereals for the breakfast, industrial biscuits and cakes, or delicatessen. These surveys highlighted the main weaknesses of the nutritional information and potential ways to improve it.

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