Every year in October, since 1990, the Week of Taste – semaine du goût – is held across France with the aim to ‘’fight’’ for taste. The main goal of this event is to teach all consumers – whatever their age, but especially the youngest- about taste. For example, bakers, cooks or cheese producers visit schools to share their passion for taste with 4th and 5th graders. The aim of this event is also to teach students how to eat better. This year, the event will focus on university dining halls. The cooks that make the meals met students to show them that eating healthy food can be cheap and delicious!

The other objectives of the week of taste : showcasing a diversity of tastes, giving clear information on the products (how they were made, where they come from …), transmitting know skills and passion, promoting a healthy and balanced diet and of course always enjoying taste.



But this week is also a way to get bargains for healthy lunches. For example, in the edition of 2011 a bakery chain in France sold a “master sandwich” created by cook David Gackwoski” and validated by a professional jury. Furthermore the week is an occasion to learn through hands-on-cooking. More than a thousand cooking workshops were held throughout France -at levels ranging from beginner to advanced- on topics such as crafting the perfect macaroons!

The week of taste is so successful that it has been created in other countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Romania and even Japan, showing that fighting for the taste is a worldwide passion.

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