An inside look into this special event!

10:00am. After your delicious French breakfast with “croissants” and “baguette-beurre-confiture,” you arrive at metro station “Porte de Versailles” at the International Agricultural Exibition.

© Min.Agri.Fr

© Min.Agri.Fr

Discovering Farm Animals…

You enter the huge doors and go first to Hall 1 where you can see around 3500 farm animals among the most beautiful, rustic or highly sectioned ones. Discover with farmers different breeds of cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys and other French livestock. These animals represent the exceptional biodiversity of French genetic and they all participate in a big national competition (“Le Concours General Agricole”). To participate to the competition, animals had to pass very elective tests ruled by French judging bodies.

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Do not miss this spectacular animal shows !

Learning More about Crop and Plant Sectors:

Then, go to Hall 2 to learn more about crop field, organic food, environment and welfare. Food industries, NGOs, public research institutions like INRA-CIRAD or the French Ministry of Agriculture are represented here to inform you and answer your questions. Movies, lectures and debates also take place. Before going on with your visit, take a picture with your friends at the “biodiversity stand” or look at the “vegetable parade” !

Tasting the Best Products of French Gastronomy and More…

At lunch time go to the hall 3 or 7, dedicated to the French gastronomy. Taste the delicious French regional dishes cooked with the best farm products. You can talk directly with farmers and drink a little glass of Martinique rum cocktail listening to overseas music, or a nice red wine from Burgundy!
This is also a hall where some other countries have a stand and can let you try exotic specialties.

Job Opportunities

This year, the fair main topic is “agriculture and its careers”. If you want to discover all the opportunities of this dynamic and changing sector, just come and talk with schools and orientation advisors in hall 3.

The “Concours Général Agricole”, a Huge Event That Delivers High-Quality Labels

Now it’s late in the afternoon. You have just lived an amazing day, learning a lot about the high-quality French agriculture and having tasted new food products.

©Xavier Remongin/

©Xavier Remongin/

Don’t forget to buy the product you have preferred, which might even have won an award ( “produits médaillés”) at the “Concours Général Agricole”. During this century-old competition of “produits du terroir” (cheeses, wines, honey, etc), a jury tastes more than 20 000 products and wines and grades them according to numerous criteria. Some 4700 products among these 21 categories of products can be awarded bronze, silver or gold medals.

Once awarded, these high-quality products are identified by a special logo during one year.

This international event and its success show how important agriculture and food are worldwide.

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