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French Eating Habits

May 5, 2015

Food is a celebrated element of French culture. That includes not only gastronomy, culinary heritage and quality products, but also tradition and food habits such as “three meals a day” and eating together. However, French eating habits have changed, as studies since 1986 have shown. Eating Time and Habits Have Changed According to the latest […]

Operation Food Vacation takes place in France from July, 1st to August, 31st each year. In this framework, approximately 4,000 official inspectors from the French Ministry for Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry are in the field to reinforce sanitary food controls. Catering activities in vacation centers and local production in tourist zones are targeted. This […]

The rates of childhood obesity in the United States and France are high, as well as the prevalence of diet-related chronic diseases. In both countries, the government and private sector have stepped in, making strides toward solving these crucial problems. On November 26, Sopexa, the French marketing agency for food, wine, and lifestyle, organized a […]

After the 50th birthday of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the information portal and the French Ministry for Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry created a new educational video game offering Internet users better ways to understand the CAP’s stakes and development, from the 1950s to now. The game begins before the CAP’s implementation and […]

In 2010, the Gastronomic Meal of the French was listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. This distinction underscores the importance meals in French society and culture. In this framework, the French government selected several towns to create the “Network of Cities of Gastronomy,” providing an organized avenue through which everyone can experience and discover […]