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Lots of French words and specialized terms are used in a French label wine. What do they mean? “Millésime” Vintage “Grand cru” – “Premier cru”*: Expression related to the quality of a wine, reserved to wines with AOC (protected designations of origin) defined by Decree and based on specific conditions of production. “Clos” indicates a […]

Taste of France 2013

May 5, 2015

Taste of France is a non-profit organization that aims to offer New Yorkers the opportunity to experience France in a brand new way. Through various events and programs, Taste of France explores the diversity of the French world: its cuisine, lifestyle, tourism, fashion, culture, technology, and innovation. This year more than 100,000 visitors are expected […]

After the International Year of Forests in 2011, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 21st as the International Day of Forests. All over the world, this day serves to promote the celebration of trees and forests and makes people realize their importance in their lives. On this occasion, all countries are encouraged to make […]

On October 16th events to raise awareness about reducing food waste will be held all over France. This “Anti-Gaspi” National Day, coincides with the World Food Day supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). As a national event, the day is one of the commitments of a broader campaign launched by the French government […]

October 16, the French Ministry of Agriculture hosted a national initiative to raise awareness about reducing food waste. The event, held in Paris, was part of a broader campaign to reach the ambitious goal of decreasing food waste in France by 50% by 2025. Five thousand people gathered in Republic Square (Place de la République) […]

”Agriculture in motion” will be the theme of the International Agricultural Exhibition this year. This annual week-long event dedicated to French agriculture and gastronomy will be held in Paris from February 22nd to March 2nd. Breaking with the traditional image of the event, innovation will be emphasized this as new technologies applied to agriculture, urban […]

French “Gruyère” cheese obtained its  Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) designation on December, 4th 2012.. The cheese is milk-based cheese made in Savoie and Franche Comté (near the Alps mountains in eastern France). History of Gruyère: The method for making Gruyère cheese dates back to the Roman period in the north of Italy. From the 15th […]

The Organic Spring takes place each year during the month of June to promote organic farming and products. All around the country, farms and processing establishments organize an array of promotional activities ranging from open houses and educational exhibitions to product tastings and organic catering services. The launch of the 15th “Organic Spring Meeting” took […]

The Science for Action and Development department of INRA (National Institute for Research in Agriculture) hosted in November an international meeting called “New Types of Agriculture: common farming, public debates and social critics”. The objective of this meeting was to consider different types of sustainable farming through the scope of social sciences. The main concern […]

Fraîch’attitude is week-long event organized by Interfel (The organization of fresh fruits and vegetables), under the patronage of the French ministry of Agriculture that will take place from the 13th to the 22nd of June this year. In June 2005 it became clear that information about the nutritional benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables was […]